Sex Crimes Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

Possession, Creation or Distribution of Pornography; Sexual Assault or Misconduct

State and Federal agencies are committing unlimited resources to investigations into persons they believe are possibly involved with the possession, creation, or distribution of child pornography. While no one can disagree with their well-intentioned dedication to stopping this societal problem, the unintended consequence is that many innocent people are being swept up in law enforcement’s nets. And guilty or not, the penalties being threatened against those accused are simply Draconian, often resulting in a prison term so long that it amounts to lifetime incarceration. And the criminal justice part of a case is only the beginning.

Almost every State now has in place a "civil commitment" procedure which works to transfer a sex offender at the end of his sentence over to the "civil" courts for hearings and trials which serve to confine the offender in a mental institution for prolonged, indeterminate detention. Additionally, being accused of sexual misconduct results in lifelong repercussions to one's reputation by forcing these people onto “sex offender registries,” thus truncating their ability to resume a normal professional and family life, and their ability to travel and interact in a free society.

Charged With a Sex Crime?

If you or a loved one are interviewed, accused of, or charged with any of the following sexual crimes, contact criminal defense attorney Jonathan Laurans immediately. You cannot afford to wait or delay when dealing with a crime of this nature.

Many times the accused will be contacted regarding child pornography by one or more State or Federal agencies before charges are formally initiated. There are ways of mitigating the ultimate sentence, or in some instances, avoiding formal charges altogether, if the accused obtains representation early in the investigation. Engaging with counsel at the outset of a pending investigation can be a very important factor when negotiating a resolution of an allegation of a crime involving a minor. Contact criminal defense attorney Jonathan Laurans immediately if a State or Federal agency calls for questioning, or initiates charges against you. A child pornography accusation can ruin your life.

  • (Aggravated) indecent liberties with a minor

  • Possession, production, or distribution of child pornography

  • Solicitation of a prostitute or minor

  • (Aggravated) sexual battery

  • Statutory rape (sex with a person under the legal age for consent)

  • Sexual assault