Post-Conviction & Appellate Appeals Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

You may be languishing in prison, feeling that there’s no hope for getting out. You desperately want the justice system to work for you. If you’re anywhere in Arizona, contact Attorney Jonathan Laurans. He will comb the arrest and trial records and search for an error or abuse to appeal the verdict.

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Jonathan Laurans

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Jonathan Laurans has more than three decades of experience in fighting for the rights of people who have been convicted or have lost an appeal over their conviction. His work begins where other attorneys often assume everything has been settled.

Jonathan begins the process by probing your arrest and prosecution to see if your rights were violated and if evidence was admitted that shouldn’t have been. He brings a fresh set of eyes to your case to see if everything was done properly.

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Are You Looking to File an Appeal?

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Most attorneys feel their case is done once their client is convicted, but that’s where Jonathan Laurans's work begins. He has dedicated his career to helping people behind bars file appeals and those who have lost their appeals continue to be heard.

The Appeals Process Explained

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    You’re Convicted in A Superior Court

    If you go to trial on a state criminal or civil charge, your case will be heard in one of Arizona’s 15 Superior Courts. From there, you can appeal your verdict to the Arizona Court of Appeals.

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    Your Case Goes to The Court of Appeals

    To get an appeal heard, your attorney must prepare a brief and submit it to the Court of Appeals. If accepted, your attorney will then have to make an oral argument before a panel of judges.

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    Final Step: The Arizona Supreme Court

    If your appeal is denied, your attorney can file an appeal with the Arizona Supreme Court, but even if that is denied, there are alternative routes to appealing your original conviction.

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Comprehensive Protection for Your Rights

Federal Criminal Appeals

Many crimes can be charged either by the state or the federal government. If your conviction is at the federal level, you need an attorney with the necessary experience.

Habeas Corpus

If you have been falsely detained or convicted in a federal court or have lost an appeal, federal law allows for a remedy under what is called “writ of habeas corpus.”

Federal Drug Charges

Jonathan Laurans has defended more than 200 drug charge cases brought by federal agencies. If you’ve been convicted of a federal drug crime, get in touch with him immediately.

Get Help with Your Appeal

Police and prosecutors make mistakes. Your rights may have been violated, or evidence allowed in court that should not have been. Attorney Jonathan Laurans will examine all aspects of your case and seek out errors and abuses that can be used for an appeal, or even an appeal of an adverse Court of Appeals decision.